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"Training with Chandler was helpful because it improved my skills inside the eighteen. The drills built my confidence in attacking and finishing. Chandler created many different drills that also helped improve the technical side of my game. Training with Chandler was an awesome opportunity."
- Blair Young

"As a parent, the experience my daughter had to train one/one with someone that plays at Chandler's level is irreplaceable. The training sessions were focused to encourage Blair's strengths and capitalize on those areas, especially inside the eighteen in finishing situations. Chandler was very creative in designing drills to help with her touches and receiving in unique situations which would be common in a game environment. These sessions were great confidence builders and could be seen in her play throughout the season. Our family feels very fortunate to have had the opportunity to train with such a talented individual and outstanding role model."
- Tony Young

"As a club soccer coach for Arizona Arsenal SC, it was a true pleasure to sit back and watch Chandler take my son Xavier through a well thought out progressive training session that clearly showcased not only Chandler’s professional experience and skills but also revealed his fervent passion for the beautiful game. During the course of the training session Chandler effortlessly demonstrated and facilitated the mastery of key technical skills. Furthermore, Chandler’s quality coaching points aided in the conceptualization of tactical decision making. Fantastic experience! Xavier can’t wait to see Chandler again next time we travel to SoCal.”
- Todd Lawmaster

“Having known Chandler since he was a young boy and watching him grow into the man and soccer player he is today has been a true blessing for myself and my family. When Chandler comes home to Birmingham my son is fortunate to be able to train with him. He always comes away from those sessions learning something new and ways to improve his game. Chandler is not only a great teacher and player but he is a great role model as well.”
-Jason McNaughton

"My son, Matthew, has loved working with Chandler! We've done semi-private and group sessions, and he has really enjoyed the challenge of professional-level training. Chandler takes players through high-speed technical drills that the LA Galaxy first team does every day. At first, the challenge was almost too much to handle, but Chandler broke down the drills and guided the players through the necessary skills, and eventually the players were touching and moving the ball like the pros. The confidence he has gained has translated onto the practice field at his club team, and his club coach noticed the improvement in his speed of play, his mental game, and his skill level. We will definitely keep working with Chan! His enthusiasm is contagious, and his demeanor with young players is outstanding."
- Cary Schumacher